Monday, 6 October 2014

The Republic, Book X - tl;dr

         "And that," I concluded, "Is why justice is preferable to injustice."
         "Wow, Socrates," spoke Glaucon, "You're so smart, I just want to lick your face."
         Adeimantus nodded in approval, "I wish I could have but a fraction of your intellect! But Socrates, perhaps we should now break to get some food or sleep. Myself and Glaucon have been blindly agreeing to everything you've said for at least sixteen hours now."
         "But my dear Adeimantus!" I replied, "We're so close! I just have to slag off the painters and poets, dubiously try to show how the soul is immortal, and tell you a story that once again says how philosophers, myself included, are just better than everyone else, including both of you.
         "I can't wait to hear it!" Fervently agreed Glaucon.
         "Well, it is common knowledge, of course, that poets are lying jerks that are wholly responsible for everything bad I've mentioned thus far, and when I make my city I'll kick them all out, and..... Adeimantus, why are you crying?"
         Glaucon spoke up, "Didn't you know, Socrates? Adeimantus has been fond of dabbling in poetry in his spare time."
         "I'm such a failure!" Wept Adeimantus.
          As I gazed upon my sobbing friend,  I became overwhelmed with guilt."Oh my, Adeimantus, I'm so sorry. I was only pulling your leg, that's all. Didn't you know I was joking? To think, me, Socrates, condoning eugenics and infanticide! Ha-ha! Haven't we all had a good, humorous time guys? Guys?" Once again I looked at my two companions, to find they had both collapsed from exhaustion.

The End


  1. Glaucon and Adeimantus are those really annoying friends that agree to absolutely everything you say. I have never hated two characters so quickly before. The blind devotion is nauseating!
    I really enjoyed your comical adaptation of book 10.
    It was a brilliant idea that made me laugh.

  2. I enjoyed it too. Thanks for the laughs! You did even manage to cover a couple of the basic things that go on in Book X, though not in much detail of course. Still, some comic relief is helpful now and then, especially with Plato!